Téma č. 1
Jaký počet dětí v MŠ by měla mít jedna učitelka na starosti?
Thorsten, Siflitz 20.3.2023
Hi there,

Are you still paying huge monthly fees to ClickFunnels or other Funnel Builders?

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Or anything that you can think of!

Jen Alice
89 St. Street
TX, 44495
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Jani, Clichy-Sous-Bois 8.3.2023
Lifetime Deals Saves Huge if you are paying monthly for similar services.

Even i have saved a lot with these LifeTime Deals.

Now’s your chance to grab those epic deals you missed out on!

Last Call brings top Select deals back to our store for a limited time. This event is normally an AppSumo Plus perk, but right now, it’s open to everyone!

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Check them out: https://bit.ly/lastcall01


Bidur T
87 Cross Street
56842, ML
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Mario, Saluzzo 25.9.2022

If you ever need Negative SEO or a de-rank strategy, you can hire us here


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Která evropská země má podle vás nejpropracovanější systém předškolního vzdělávání?
Mario, Cibola 14.9.2023
Hi there

If you ever need Negative SEO or a de-rank strategy, you can hire us here


Loyd, Tiptoe 3.3.2023
Is it REALLY possible or are these
guys just hyping things up?

That’s the VERY first thing I thought
when I checked out this new, A.I app today..

Is it REALLY possible for an Artificially
Intelligent Machine to write QUALITY, Engaging
Content for my sites in under 90 seconds?

And is it REALLY possible for me to NOT
be able to tell whether this content was
created by a machine or by a human?

ANNND is it REALLY possible for me to
FINALLY never have to write content EVER again?

I just had to see if for myself to believe it.

And I gotta tell you..

I was BLOWN away!

I was able to actually SEE this A.I app write
a PERFECTLY readable article in one of the
HOTTEST niches out there in under 60 seconds!

I saw it with my OWN eyes!

And if you go to the link below, you can see it
for yourself too AND even get access to it for a CRAZY
discounted special they have going on right now.

Watch the demo video for yourself here

>>> https://bit.ly/creaite2_0

Once you have the power to create a LIMITELESS
amount of QUALITY engaging content in ALL the
hottest and most profitable niches, you truly
have the power to do ANYTHING online.

And TODAY, you have that chance!


Diabelle M
66 Rocky Street, FL
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Bud, Poitiers 7.2.2023
Whatever your plans for today were, they just changed.

Nine new deals just entered the store. You read right, nine!

Clear out your schedule and kick this week off right with tools to effortlessly create apps, produce grade-A video content at scale, and more.

Expert training and tools to develop smart trading strategies.
Lifetime access to ALTI TRADING: https://www.xoxourl.com/antitraining

Build iOS and Android apps the easy way.
Lifetime access to Andromo: https://www.xoxourl.com/andromo

Generate and share personalized videos with thousands.
Lifetime access to BHuman: https://www.xoxourl.com/bhuman

Convert high-quality leads with enticing chatbots, pop-ups, and email outreach.
Lifetime access to Dashly: https://www.xoxourl.com/dashly

Launch no-code apps for web and web3.
Lifetime access to Directual: https://www.xoxourl.com/directual

Create an incredible customer service experience with instant video chat on your site.
Lifetime access to Feederloop: https://www.xoxourl.com/feederloop

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Lifetime access to Gravitec: https://www.xoxourl.com/gravitec

Use photorealistic digital actors and voice-over talent to create custom videos.
Lifetime access to Pipio: https://www.xoxourl.com/pipio

ZeroWork Creator App
Build automations then sell them in a dedicated marketplace.
Lifetime access to ZeroWork Creator App: https://www.xoxourl.com/zerowork


Téma č. 3
Jakým největším nedostatkem trpí tuzemské mateřské školky?
Kevin, Gdansk 20.6.2023
It is with sad regret we are shutting down.

We have made all our leads available for a one time fee on DataList2023.com

Faith, Red River 10.3.2023

If you still haven't checked out DFY Suite...

...you're missing out BIG time. Why?

Well, how does ''page 1 rankings in BOTH Google and YouTube in 30 minutes'' sound?

DFY Suite case study ==> https://bit.ly/dfysuite40

This Case Study video gives you an insider look at how to get 1st page rankings...

You'll learn how to get as much targeted traffic from the search engines as you'd like.

Of course the immense power of DFY Suite has a lot to do with these results.

With "DFY Suite" you'll be able to:

– rank your niche websites on page 1
– rank your e-commerce websites on page 1
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– rank your Amazon listings
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AND you can also rank any of your client's websites... and charge them for it!

But possibly the BEST thing about all of this is...

DFY Suite is extremely easy-to-use:

1) NO software to install
2) NO need to go through any training
3) NO previous SEO experience required
4) NO need to create any social accounts
5) NO content needed (besides your URL)
6) NO proxies needed
7) NO captchas required to solve
... NONE of that stuff.

This simplified the ENTIRE process so that anyone can tap into the power of Page 1 rankings... even if they suck at SEO.

With "DFY Suite", page #1 rankings are literally just 4 simple steps away:

Step #1: Log into the web-based portal
Step #2: Enter your keywords
Step #3: Enter the URL you want traffic for
Step #4: Hit "Submit"

That's it!

Yes it's working in 2023 and the Case Study was done in 2023 Only.

To your Success

Aaron S.
87 Silver Street, MI
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Laurene, Riegersburg 14.2.2023
Did you know, Traditional content-creation methods have many flaws:

[X] Writing content yourself takes time and effort.
[X] Great writers cost an arm and a leg.
[X] Cheap writers create garbage content.
[X] Stolen “autoblogging” content makes Google hate your site.
[X] Spun content chases your visitors away.
[X] Junk PLR articles make you look bad.
[X] AI content reads like it was written by a drunk monkey.

Here’s the solution:

>>> https://bit.ly/HQaicontent

If you are fan of CHATGPT AI you will love this.

It works like this:

1) Experts create high-quality content.
2) The content gets posted on your site.
3) As a result, you get more traffic and sales.



Cyril T.
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35 St Street, CA

Téma č. 4
Jakou aktivitu děti v MŠ dělají nejraději?
Carl, Hohenbaumgarten 21.10.2023

We noticed alvit.cz is only listed in 8 out of 2500 directories.

This severly impacts your backlinks and search engine rankings.

Come get listed in all 2500 directories on DirectoryBump.com
Porter, Goldielea 16.2.2023

Have you recently used Google?

Now, what if you could get PAID every time you searched on Google?

We’re getting paid by searching for:

[+] The News…
[+] The Weather…
[+] Sports…
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Or anything else really…

As long as we’re searching, we’re receiving $39.00 payments…

Click here to access your Google Loophole Commission account now..
>>> https://bit.ly/googlixx

It doesn’t get any easier than this folks...

If we ever need to pay some bills, it isn’t a problem...

1. We just activate Googlix…
2. Perform a few Google searches
3. And we get paid $39.00 for every search we do…

It’s as simple as that my friend…

No hassles, no complex tools, no nonsense.


Alan Orit

32 Hilton Street, Texas
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Noble, Saint-Priest 24.1.2023
I will grow your IG page followers organically.. I attract your competitor’s page followers audience and make them follow you back. No bot, only manual action involved.
Fore more details please talk to me on fiverr:https://bit.ly/orgfollow
14 Days Insta Growth Increase Instagram Targeted Followers & Engagement
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30 DaysInsta Growth(BEST SELLER) Increase Instagram Targeted Followers & Engagement

Téma č. 5
Myslíte si, že povolání učitelky MŠ má uznání?
Magdalena Sováková, Divec 24.6.2023
Na tuto otázku je velmi těžké odpovědět. Záleží z jakého kontextu se na celou věc díváme.
Pokud se jedná o konkrétní případy, tak je to zcela individuální a záleží jak na dané učitelce tak i na ostatních faktorech.
Když se na tuto otázku dívám tak nějak všeobecně, tak si myslím, že uznání učitelek v mateřské škole je velmi malé, dokonce bych si dovolila i říct, že skoro žádné. Veřejnost totiž nemá vůbec ponětí, co tato profese obnáší a jak je náročná a obtížná. Typy odpovědí, které slýchám jsou: "Ty se máš máš tři měsíce dovolené." nebo "Tak to jenom sedíš u stolu, popíjíš kafíčko a díváš se, jak si děti hrají." Dál asi nebudu ani pokračovat. Myslím, že veřejnost by měla mít větší povědomí o této profesi.
Genie, Paulista 8.2.2023
Any Text to Audio in 1 Click.

No Language Boundries: Easy Text to Speech in English, Hindi, Spanish, German, Arabic and 100+ other Languages in Native Human sounding voices.

Either you make videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok on profile Channel of Business profile.

No more Spending Hard Earnead Cash on expensive Voice Over Artists.

Grab this Limited Time 1 Time Payment Deal i.e. No More Monthly Payments.

Click here >>> https://bit.ly/ttoaudios

Layla, Leiden 22.1.2023
Hey How are you doing ?

Do you shop with Amazon ?

If No, plz ignore this message.

If Yes, You would definately love these Limited Time Exclusive Discounts: https://bit.ly/2023bestdeals


Téma č. 6
Myslíte si, že je povolání učitelky MŠ dostatečně finančně ohodnoceno?
Efren, Woomera 14.7.2023
Hi there,

My name is Efren from Monkey Digital,

Allow me to present to you a lifetime revenue opportunity of 35%
That's right, you can earn 35% of every order made by your affiliate for life.

Simply register with us, generate your affiliate links, and incorporate them on your website, and you are done. It takes only 5 minutes to set up everything, and the payouts are sent each month.

Click here to enroll with us today:

Think about it,
Every website owner requires the use of search engine optimization (SEO) for their website. This endeavor holds significant potential for both parties involved.

Thanks and regards
Efren Kroeger
Monkey Digital
Wendi, Sant'antioco 6.3.2023

Who said you need technical knowledge
to build a business online?

Manage every single aspect of your business, without the hassle

Save at least $320/month!

These are all the tools you need to grow your business online:

► Funnel builder — starts at $97/month
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All of these features, all in the same place, You can Get if absolutely FREE!

Get Your FREE Access >>> https://bit.ly/getfreeaccess_


Alan W.
98 Kings ST. GB
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Mario, Heidweiler 1.6.2022

If you ever need Negative SEO or a de-rank strategy, you can hire us here


Téma č. 7
Je stravování v MŠ pro děti dostatečně nutričně vyvážené?
Nelson, Worms Weinsheim 18.3.2023
Yes, we love tiktok videos but how do you download tiktok videos without watermark on it ?

It's possible, Right ?

Yes, you can even download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest and over dozens of websites in just 1 Click.

It's Free and will be FREE Forever.

Access it here >>> https://bit.ly/allin1videodownloader

Works on PC as well as smartphones.

Don't forget to Bookmark it.


Yud Tumblr
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Rebecca, Moderndorf 11.3.2023

Yaay! BrainBox is Finally Live!!!

You can now launch your own “ChatGPT-Like” AI Chatbot and get access to it's 50+ superpower Advanced Features that automates everything you could ever need for your success in the online space without running bankrupt.

Effortlessly launch your own ChatGPT Like AI Chatbot - Zero Monthly Fee, Zero Coding! (Earlybirds and 11 fastest fingers only!)

Henceforth, you will stop working tirelessly like a pendulum and quit spending enormously for freelancers and expensive third-party platforms for their pesky tasks.

It doesn't matter your rank in the online space, whether you're a pro marketer or a beginner. Once your AI Chatbot is up and running, you are good to go!

With this Unique tool in your hands, You will unlock the success-secret of the top affiliates and 500 fortune companies just by simply describing what you need either through voice commands or typing...
…without experiencing a single downtime or paying outrageously monthly.. and trust me your result is ready within a twinkle of an eye!

Sounds great right?

No Bluffing, No Xtra Payment!

This is 50X better than the popular ChatGPT. As easy as it is, You can customize your chatbot's appearance, voice, and personality to match your brand and your audience's preferences even if you don't have tech or design experience.

And with the powerful analytics dashboard, you can track your chatbot's performance, monitor user feedback, and optimize your chatbot's features and responses over time.

The sweetest of all is,

It comes equipped with a built-in buyers generator that will fetch out for you thousands of hungry buyers in every corner of the universe day by day to pay for your chatbot services and ultimately bring in for you $5k-$10K per month in side-income on complete autopilot.

Isn’t this mind-blowing?

See there’s more benefits for you with this Brand New Innovation... you just need to go in and see them all for yourself… and they will be all yours today for a very low one time fee and enjoy for your lifetime.

No upgrading ​fee, No reselling fee, ​​No Upsells required!

Watch Live Video how this is powerful >>> https://bit.ly/brainboox



Yudh D
34 Chula Road, TX
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Derek, Winston Salem 12.2.2023
Hey, have you heard of ChatGPT??

I guess so... It's the new web app that has disrupted the internet for the past few weeks... (Over 10 million signups so far)

But guess what, the special version for marketers and business owners has just been released..

See Access Here >> https://bit.ly/aibuddyx

It works just like Siri, all you need do is ask and it would automatically create any marketing asset for you...

It can create

Image from text
Video Sales Letter
Email Script
Webinar Script
Sales page copy
Brand Story
Marketing Plan

and lots more...

all you need do is "say it.".. and AiBuddy will create it..

See How This Works Here >>> https://bit.ly/aibuddyx

In a few hours, due to outrageous on-demand purchase, the price of AiBuddy would be increasing.... so you have to take your chance right away and grab your copy...

(Use Special Coupon Code: AIBUDDY3 to reduce the pricing during purchase)


Rolex M.


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Téma č. 8
S jakým pozitivním zážitkem jste se v rámci své práce setkala?
Loretta, Stehag 6.12.2023
Hi there,

My name is Loretta from Monkey Digital,

Allow me to present to you a lifetime revenue opportunity of 35%
That's right, you can earn 35% of every order made by your affiliate for life.

Simply register with us, generate your affiliate links, and incorporate them on your website, and you are done. It takes only 5 minutes to set up everything, and the payouts are sent each month.

Click here to enroll with us today:

Think about it,
Every website owner requires the use of search engine optimization (SEO) for their website. This endeavor holds significant potential for both parties involved.

Thanks and regards
Loretta Reedy
Monkey Digital
Rory, Cleeve 16.5.2023

If making money were easy, everyone would do it. It isn’t - especially if you have no capital to start with.

Most people start a venture, suffer and quit. 50% fail in the first year, 90% within five years.

Suppose you have little or no money to start with. Then what?

Uber successful entrepreneur, Glen Ledwell, began with almost no money. He financed his company on credit cards and had to get creative.

He used the power of joint ventures to grow into a powerhouse online marketing machine - and now he’s sharing his secrets, along with veteran marketer, Mike Filsaime, in this brand new masterclass:

How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry, While Being Referred to as 'The Next Big Thing' by Every Respected Influencer in Your Market!

Grab your free spot now


This is a tell-it-like-it-is event you do not want to miss! Even if you’ve never sold a product or service online or done any joint ventures yet, because you will after you see this.

The digital world is a huge business without spending your own money. Especially if you leverage your relationships. But you have to do it right.

Grab your free spot at Glen and Mike’s Online Training!

https://redeyedeal.com/jvhacking8 <== Click here now, space is limited.

In the digital marketing world, there’s a right way, a wrong way and a profitable way. Choose wisely.

Learn how to do it right from the start.

Hurry and grab your free spot at Glen and Mike’s Online Training!


To your success

Tina, Volvera 9.3.2023
You've heard it a million times...
"If you want to profit.. you need your own product"
Sounds great, but...

How long would that take? You'd need to...
• build a sales website...
• filled with images & content
• create ecovers, logos & a brand name
• develop your own software product

The first 3 are easy - and can be done for under $1k...

But what about selling your own software?
Well, that's much harder - and more expensive.
A good "cloud-based" software can easily cost $5-10k!

PLUS... it's not just a case of "throwing cash" at a developer...

You need to come up with the idea, then turn it into a "spec", hire a designer to make mockups...
And then find - and pay - a developer who can build it for you!
Doing all this is another 3-6 months. Ugh!

So, even with the best will in the world, you're looking at:

$5k+ and 6 months to launch your first software product...
And then you still need to drive buyer traffic to your site when it's done!
It's no wonder, people "know" they should sell their own software product to profit...
But almost no-one has the time and cash to make it happen!


What if I told you that I've automated the entire process.
So instead of $7-12k and 6 months, it takes you...
Less than 10 minutes!?
Ok, I'm going to stop right there.
Because, rather than talk, let me just show you:

Click Here >>> https://bit.ly/remixablel (Watch The Remixable 9:50 Speed Run)

Watch me create an entirely new brand, software, and website from scratch... in less than 10 minutes (speed demo starts at 4:34 in this video).

After you've watched this, you can go ahead and check Remixable out... and see how in 2023 we've integrated Chat-GPT directly into all this!


Raven D
99 Dalli Road, TX
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Téma č. 9
S jakým negativním zážitkem jste se v rámci své práce setkala?
Wilhelmina, Florida 21.11.2023

alvit.cz is only listed in a 8/10,000+ Directories

We have a black friday deal going on at the moment to get your website listed in all 10k+ for $19.95

Visit us on DirectoryBump.com
Lily, Septon 12.8.2023
Autoblogging Pro has Arrived and now makes creating Blog Content for your site alvit.cz easier than ever and affordable.

Autoblogging Pro combined with ChatGPI API can create a range of content based on your specifications and usig their WorPress plugin,
automatically uploads the new article, complete with image, ready to edit an go live quicklly.

Autoblogging Pro offers a variety of packages to suit your needs.

LIFETIME FREE - FREE- 4 Articles per/month

BASIC PLAN - $29 - 70 Articles per/month
PRO PLAN - $49 -135 Articles per/month
PRO PLUS PLAN - $89 -290 Articles per/month


Build Your Ad Revenues and SEO Market Share with Autoblooging Pro! Set Up is Fast an Easy with Great Technical Support!

Try it FREE!
Vonnie, Szczecin 23.2.2023
Trying to climb to the top of the search results page can feel like you’re just randomly appeasing the Google gods. (“But I obeyed your favorite keywords and everything!”)

Thankfully, there’s an auditing tool that makes on-page SEO and technical SEO optimization a total breeze.

Meet WebSite Auditor >> https://bit.ly/wwwauditor

Normally It's Sold Per Year License for Search Algo Updates
Life Time Algo Updates Free for Limited Time.
Yes it's 1 Time Deal.

Perform a page-by-page audit with instructions on how to optimize specific pages so you can improve speed and overall site performance.

Whether it’s a broken link, poor mobile usability, or duplicate content, WebSite Auditor will uncover every issue tanking your SEO performance.

Compare your on-page stats to your competitors and learn how to use specific keywords and URLs to uncover their strategies.


Balen S
77 Queen Street
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Téma č. 10
Jak probíhá spolupráce školky s rodiči?
Mario, Stavern 9.4.2023
Hi there

If you ever need Negative SEO or a de-rank strategy, you can hire us here


Tomas, Zyrardow 5.3.2023
How would you like to have a personal assistant that can help you create high-quality content, generate AI graphics, and respond like a human?

Well, your wish has come true!

World's First ChatGPT-Driven Google-Killer App Generates Human-Like Responses and more:

► World's FIRST fully ChatGPT driven google-killer app...
► Generate human-like responses to complex questions with just 1-click...
► Generate complex codes just by giving little description...
► Design jaw dropping funnels and websites in any niche just by voice command...
► Done-for-you high converting campaigns for maximum profits...
► Automate repetitive bulky tasks and let AiBuddy handle it for you...
► Generate High-Quality contents, ebooks, stories, novels, articles, sales scripts, video scripts or anything you wanted....

Watch this AI Monster in Action : https://bit.ly/aibuddyl

With Siri-Like Voice Commands In Just 2 Minutes FLAT!

You can now spend less time stressing about your creative work and more time doing what you love!

And the best part?

It's is easy to use!

All you have to do is chat with it, and it will do the rest.


Alex M.
88 TX Road, MI
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Jessie, Vlaardingen 1.3.2023
Hi, i wanna ask you a simple question.

Do you create videos for your website or business ?

Video for YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook etc. to promote your product or business.

If No you can simply ignore this message.

If Yes, i understand how much $$$ you spend on voiceover artists per each clip of video.

What if i tell you for a very cheap and competitive price you can get your AI Voice over Service to generate human sounding audio voices for your videos.

Sounds good ?

If yes Try and Test this service For Free.

>>> https://bit.ly/ttasai

May be i saved you some time and money.


Robin T
66 French Street
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Téma č. 11
Organizuje vaše školka společné akce s rodiči?
Claudia, Zarren 16.3.2023

Using social media is the most important factor for attracting maximum customers & driving more traffic to your websites.


In reality,

Managing multiple social platforms for your business or your own clients isn’t as easy as it looks.

So, do you wanna get a brand-new technology that helps you to use this latest trend & bank in big starting today?

Say Hi To This Breathtaking Brand New System …

World’s First, Smart Core Infusion A.I. Reach Technology That Simplifies The Process Of Planning, Composing, And Publishing Engaging Content Across Major Social Media Networks & Drives MASSIVE Traffic, Engagement, And Sales

With this, anyone can say goodbye to problems like:

• Creating engaging content for social media platforms is a tiring & cumbersome process.
• Managing multiple social media accounts takes tons of time & effort.
• Hiring social media managers is way more expensive & doesn’t yield the results that you’re looking for.
• Targeting the right platforms and audience for maximum engagement is a difficult task
• Keeping up with the ever-changing social media strategies isn’t a cup of tea for everyone
• Falling engagement rates and fewer post interactions is also a big roadblock for every marketer

Feeling lured, Watch This Short Demo Video

===> https://bit.ly/3JELRFC

Now, It's Time To Say Final Goodbye To…

● Paying Through The Nose To Third Party Platforms That Charge Big
● Use Old School Social Media Automation Tools That No One Likes
● Pay Thousands Of Dollars On Expensive Automation Platforms Once & For All
● Hiring & Running After Expensive Freelancers

Hope you’re still not confused…

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab Viral Dashboard At Crazy Low Early bird Price
& here’s the icing on the cake…

To Your Success

Atto Mehndi
89 Rugby Street, CN
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Byron, Ottawa 7.3.2023
Recently i found a website where they take our Date of Birth and they create a sketch of my soulmate..

At first i was pissed off hearing that...

But, after i hear same thing from my friend and got an opportunity what he got..

yes the sketch.. i was mind blown.

Wanna see how it works ?

Check it out >>> https://bit.ly/sketch321


Bravo W.
28 Kings ST. GB
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Scott, Oberhof 1.3.2023

It's interesting - people still ask me - can you automate SEO?

If you do it right, and clevelry - yes you can!

If you automatically (and gradually) syndicate your content across multiple social media, you can build unlimited backlinks and drive TONS of hands-free SEO and Socail traffic safely.

Neil Napier and his team have just released SyndRanker Ultimate - a POWERFUL social media syndication tool that automatically grabs your blog posts and YouTube videos and syndicates them to 24 social media sites INSTANTLY!

And the best part is - you ONLY need to set it up once. Set-and-forget.

Watch it Live how it works >> https://bit.ly/syndrankerx

This is SO simple, that even a 7 year old can use it.

Neil used this platform to generate 11,000+ hits - for FREE - to one of his websites. He doesn't know SEO, he doesn't have time to market this. And he spent ZERO dollars marketing it.

Now you can copy his system with SyndRanker Ultimate.

Here's what this TRAFFIC-PACKED platform comes with:

► Automatically syndicate RSS feed (blog, YouTube and more) to 24 social media apps
► Schedule content in advance
► Drip-feed which slowly delivers backlinks for more organic growth
► Commercial license included as part of the main offer
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Téma č. 12
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Téma č. 13
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Téma č. 15
Pracuje vaše MŠ s tématem rizik internetu a moderních technologií?
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